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When should I see a counsellor

There is no wrong or right time to see a counsellor. For some people they come to counselling after already trying self help & talking to friends and family but still the problems exist, this is when seeing a counsellor can be really beneficial.

What should I expect when I see you as a counsellor?

The first session together will be an exploratory session where we find out :
• what has bought you to counselling
• how confidentiality works
• how I am able to help you
• how we can best work together
•Agree on a working agreement for future sessions.

After our initial session it is usual to have weekly sessions lasting 50 mins . I will regularly review our work firstly after three sessions and then after every six sessions. Reviews help to ensure the sessions are beneficial to you but please say at anytime if something is not right for you in counselling.
At the start of each session payment is made or for telephone & online counselling payment is made 24 hours before the session starts. If you need to cancel a session 24 hours notice is required else you could lose your fee for that session.

What to expect

My first appointment with you is charged at a reduced rate as it is for chance for us to meet and for you to decide if I am the right counsellor for you.There is no obligation on you to continue to come if you decide not to but if you do we can then book your next session in. Some other things we can talk about are:

• your reasons for coming to counselling
• how I work and am able to help you
• what you are hoping to gain from coming to counselling
• confidentiality
• how we can best work together
It is also important for you to ask any questions of your own and you may want to think about these before we meet. Writing them down beforehand can sometimes be helpful.

Ongoing Appointments

• Counselling usually takes place on a weekly basis and at the same time each week.
• Sessions last for 50 minutes.
• We will regularly review how the sessions are going for you to ensure you are benefiting from counselling .

If you would like to find out more about counselling or book a initial appointment call me on 07964612983 or alternatively email me on [email protected]

What is meant by confidentiality?

Confidentiality is key to building a trusting relationship with you. You need to know that what you say to me stays between me and you. There may be exceptional circumstances when it is necessary to break confidentiality: if legally required to do so or when you or a third party may have serious harm caused to yourself or others.
As a counsellor it is a professional requirement for me to attend monthly supervision where my work can be reviewed to ensure good practice is worked towards. I may share with my supervisor your first name but identity is not reveled.

How long will I need to see you ?

This is a difficult question to answer as some people have had as little as three sessions and have found resolve to what has been troubling them and for others it has been along term commitment to therapy. I guess it comes back to what you want from therapy and being realistic about the commitment you can give.

What is an integrative counsellor?

My counselling approach is based upon an integrative approach. Integrative counselling can seem confusing as each integrative counsellor will combine different models and approaches. My approach is primarily a being non-directive, and based upon the person centred approach but I do integrate elements of other approaches into my practice which include Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness, Transpersonal, Solution Focused to suit the clients need.

To find out more about these approaches please look at

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