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Registered Counselling North Somerset, Weston Super Mare, Clevedon

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Does life feel like a constant battle and you feel unable to cope ?
Struggling to get on with your partner and feel unfulfilled?

Welcome to my website I am Nicola, a professional counsellor and supervisor.
I offer counselling to both individuals and couples in both the UK and Europe. My office in Weston Super Mare but additionally offer Skype and telephone counselling to individuals and couples within Europe.
Together we can work on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with your aims of therapy at the heart of the sessions. Sessions to be conducted either face to face, telephone or via Skype. I offer both day and evening, whenever is most convenient for you.

Individual Counselling- North Somerset, Weston Super Mare, Clevedon

Coming to counselling for the first time can feel a little daunting and you may be uncertain about what to expect.
It is my intention to build a trusting relationship with you where you feel listened to and understood, where you are free to express feelings, thoughts and attitudes without the fear of being judged.

I can help you to make sense of your current problems, as well as to gain an understanding of the root causes and support you to make positive changes that will enhance your life and help you to be back in control.

Couples Counselling-North Somerset, Weston Super Mare, Clevedon

There may be various reasons why you and your partner are considering counselling. Perhaps you have reached a place where arguments are frequent, and you find yourselves going around in circles, neither one of you knowing how to heal the relationship.

I can offer counselling for couples who are experiencing difficulties, in a neutral environment where you and your partner will be given the wonderful opportunity to begin to understand the problems you are experiencing. With my help and expertise, you will be encouraged to explore your relationship in an honest way, where you can each have the opportunity to express your expectations, hopes and needs which in turn will help you to understand the impact that this difficult time is having on your relationship.

As your counsellor I will encourage and support you both to search for helpful ways to overcome your difficulties, together, so that your relationship can begin to flourish once more.

Sadly, some relationships do come to a mutual end, in which case I will support you both to find some peace and acceptance, where both of you have had the opportunity to have been heard and understood by each other.

Supervision-North Somerset, Weston Super Mare, Clevedon

I offer warm, welcoming and reflective supervision sessions to counsellors, trainee counsellors and therapists. Supervision can be nurturing and supportive in a space where it feels safe to reflect on your practice to enhance personal development and gain new insights into your work with your clients.

I offer both group and one to one supervision where forming a trusting relationship is key to honesty and acceptance, where good ethical practice is at the heart of the process. The relationship between supervisor and supervisee provides the framework in which to explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviours from fresh new perspectives, enhancing your professional and personal development through gaining greater learning.


I have a wide range of experience and knowledge of working with particular issues which include:

Relationship & relational problems.
Building self esteem & confidence.
Work based stress.
To understand and gain relief from anxiety.
Dealing with underlying stress.
Transition and change to life circumstances.
Creative Personal Development.

It has been my privilege over the last ten years to help people with their mental well-being both as holistic therapist, counsellor and supervisor.

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For agencies

I can provide your agency with quality and affordable short term counselling, supervision and well-being workshops to improve the well-being of your staff. If you would like to find out more or discuss how I can help please feel free to contact me.


"Without sounding melodramatic, Nic has truly empowered me to completely transform my life for the better. Through sensitive and appropriately themed conversation, we were able to explore my situation and begin to view problems with a new perspective. Furthermore, Nic taught me a number of techniques that allowed me to take back control when life previously felt out of control. I cannot thank her enough and genuinely believe that Nic's approach to counselling, psychotherapy and general demeanour could literally help anyone with any problem. Thank you again."

" I found counselling with Nicola to have been life changing ,I learnt to value myself & be proud of who I am . I came to counselling at a low point in my life and left leaving excited about the future".

"We felt very comfortable with Nicola we found her to be professional and friendly and saw us just days after I contacted her. We learnt a lot about our relationship and ourselves during counselling, we were able to get back the spark in our relationship which had been missing for so long".

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